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ETEX Yarns are produced under ISO 9001-2000, Quality management approved Plant.
Yarns are produced to meet harshest environmental conditions, with UV stabilizers and high Quality additives
Tapes are produced on State of the art Extrusion technology, which includes Automatic Thickness Measuring Gauge
Precision Fibrillators to give high quality product

  • Highily UV Stabilised
  • Excellent durability
    Quality DTEX Color TEX Width MM Minimum
    Tex -8%
    Tex +8%
    Elognation % Strength
    1850 Green, Blue, Red, Dark Red,Brown, Green, Olive Green, Silver 185F 6.0 170 F 200 5 10-20(25) 0.30
    2750 Green, Blue, Red, Dark Red,Brown, Green, Olive Green, Silver 275F 10.0 255 295 5 10-20(25) 0.30

    A-30 CM
    B-33 CM
    C-17.6 CM
    Weight 4.0 Kg.Net
    Tube Dia 9 CM
    A-1.00 Mt
    B-1.14 Mt
    C-1.00 Mt

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