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The company - Al Abdullatif Backing Plant was initially established in the year 1994, as an ancillary unit for meeting captive requirement of Carpet Backings for the Parent Company – Saudi Carpet Factory. Over the years, the company’s products gained international recognition amidst discerning carpet manufacturers in international market. To meet the growing demand from export markets and increasing captive requirement from in-house forward integrated facilities; major expansions have been undertaken, making it as one of the biggest Carpet Backing Producers in the world outside U.S.A and Europe.

The ETEX started producing carpet backing fabrics with 44 Nos. of projectile weaving machines – P7100. The fast growing demand of the ETEX quality products, mainly from export markets, led to a series of expansion of the weaving capacity, with a recent expansion plan for the addition of another 100 Projectile Looms, brings total of 400 looms. The company controls the entire production process right from extrusion, spinning, warping, weaving and packaging by means of stringent quality control norms.
Our unflinching faith in quality - “A decisive factor for achieving our goal of absolutely fault free fabric coupled with strict adherence to the fabric specifications and delivery schedule committed with our customers “ says the ETEX’s Plant Manager.

» Uncompromising quality control

We are absolutely uncompromising as regard to the quality of our products, 100% of our production are subjected to visual inspection. Our Products pass through stringent monitoring of quality control and hence surpass through industry average Q-Standards.

ETEX received their first ISO Certification in 1997 and is currently got certified their entire production process in accordance with ISO 9001-2015.

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